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Does Crypto Trading Seem Like An Endless Maze?

Have These Struggles Held YOU Back?

“Don’t know how to start. I’m just a hodler.”

“I would like to trade but I can’t put two hours a day into technical analysis.”

“The market makes me feel constant anxiety attacks even when I’m in a winning trade.”

“Not sure when to set stop losses, the videos I watch are confusing and contradict each other”

“I struggle with greed and fear, I keep doing one wrong move after another.”

“You can have a trading plan then some shit happens… it all about how lucky you are.”

“TA is almost useless sometimes. Chaos is a better way to describe trading these markets.”

“How can I tell how long to stay in or when to take profit and get back in later?”

“I keep selling too soon and missing larger profits.”

“I bought alts but they are down 60% now, should I hold or sell?”

If you can relate to any of the statements above,
then I invite you to join our ‘Learn Crypto Trading’ Program
and change your approach to trading for the better!

What is the ‘Learn Crypto Trading‘ Program?

A three week step-by-step guided learning course for cryptocurrency investors and traders – with lifetime course membership!

The course, the bonus training, and lifetime support could cost you $1449 to join, but for ten lucky people, it won’t!

We have all seen crypto trading courses for $1997, $2995 even up to $20,000! – and we could easily charge big prices for the Three Weeks To Mastery Program too, but…

This Program Is Much Less

We just cover the cost of running the course!

In exchange for a small investment in yourself,
you get all of this:

Week One

Start with the most overlooked aspect of trading is the most critical to your success. Building the correct approach to the risks of trading.

For traders that are new to the market. Get prepared for the dangers of trading.

Originally created as my own trading plan, the lessons are organized into the order I wish I would have learned them over more than 20 years of trial and error learning.

Each daily lesson includes a fast Quiz to highlight the key points!

Lesson OneHow We Learn To Trade CryptoCurrenciesStarting Point Power Up
Learning To Fly A Plane
THE Most Important Principle of Trading
Repeating Drills For Building Skills
Lesson TwoRequired Reading For New Traders
Getting Ready For The Dangers of Trading
What To Do When You’re Wrong In Trading
Lesson ThreeTwo Mistakes That ALL Traders Make
Mistakes When Losing
Mistakes When Winning
Lesson FourSurround Yourself With Success Thinking
A Phantom To The RescueTactical Risk Control
Profitable Traders Shares Common, Learned, Habits
Correcting Common Trading Mistakes
Live SessionPresenting Lessons 1 - 4

Week Two

An introduction to trading tools and technical analysis for our specific chart patterns.

Trading professionals have long known that the best trades come from the large trends. Learn to identify and validate the trend reversals.

Complete the daily quiz to progress from lesson to lesson!

Learn powerful, cutting-edge trading signals engineered to help today’s trader anticipate the first stages of trend change.

Progress quizzes, coaching and Feedback are provided through every step to help you successfully complete the course!

Lesson FiveReading Trade Formations on Price Charts1-2-3 Trend Change Toolkit
1-2-3 Trend Change Formation
The Springboard Variation of the 1-2-3
How To Identify The Right Moment
When Does The 1-2-3 Formation FAIL?Fakeout, Breakout Pattern Filter
Lesson SixTrendlines, Reversal Patterns and Moving Averages
Trendline Break Alert
Exponential Moving Average Trade ConfirmationDaily Three Indicator Sweep For Success
Relative Strength Indicator in Crypto Trend Trading
How To Trade With Ichimoku Cloud Indicator
Using Parallel Channels For Trade Confirmation
Two Approaches to Range Breakout Trading
Swing Trading­ vs Trend Trading
Lesson SevenRevealed: The Popcorn Trading Strategy
Technical Analysis Tools Review

Week Three

Confidence comes from understanding the entire trading plan from start to finish.

Stop overreacting to short term charts, taking profits too early and FOMO back in…

Clear, logical trading rules based on extensive back-testing and years of live crypto trading experience.

Identify trading opportunities that might have been missed otherwise.

Tap into the power of price movement, and make your money work for you.

Lesson EightHistorical Altcoin Bull Market Study
Master These Five Stages Of A Trade
Lesson NineHow To Build Crypto Market PositionsRange Breakout Advantage Primer
Lesson TenWhen To Take Profits, Or Go Short
Lesson ElevenIncreasing Risk/Rewards with Leveraged Trading
How To Avoid Forced Liquidation
Conspiracy SectionHow Price Manipulation Works Crypto (and how to protect yourself)
How To Profit From Pump And Dump Groups
Artificial Intelligence Trading BOTS
Lesson TwelvePsychology - The Anatomy Of A Losing Trade
Two Sure Signs You Are Addicted To Cryptos
Keeping A Trading Journal
ConclusionStay Current With Our Community
Preparing For Ongoing SuccessPast the finish line to the success line!

Time Saving Bonuses Help Take Care Of The Heavy Lifting


One Month Crypto ALERT Signals
($97 Value)

Get daily trade setups on when to enter, profit targets, stop loss levels and when to take profits!

Our ALERTS provide answers for every decision a trader must make throughout the Five Stages of The Trade.

Our Specially Trained Analysts Help You Learn Crypto Trading Faster!

Our analysts are all Alumni of our Cryptocurrency Trading Course! They follow our complete trading system which covers each decision required for successful trading!

  • Markets: What to buy or sell
  • Sizing: How much to buy or sell
  • Entries: When to buy or sell
  • Stops: When to get out of a losing trade
  • Exits: When to get out of a winning trade


Back-Testing Past Crypto Bull Markets
($449 Value)

Personally conduct research using historical data.

Get directly into our research, dig into the historical charts, get very familiar with the way this system trades.

Don’t take our word for the validity of this approach. Review the data yourself. Don’t limit your questions to crypto charts, look at gold, silver, corn, wheat, coffee… anything that is traded!!

If you are relying on your gut instinct, news or trading tips, you may find that you are fearful just when you should be greedy, and you are bold when you should be cautious.

The key to consistency is discipline.

The key to discipline is having confidence in your trading method.

The key to confidence is deep study into historical trading data.

That’s why BONUS #3 is so important to your success!


The ULTIMATE BitMEX Tutorial

This is a very easy to understand and basic tutorial on How To Trade Bitcoin And Altcoins on BitMEX.

BitMEX Tutorial Guide

As Seen on AMAZON


Trading Plan for Beginners

Complete, Practical Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trading Plan for Beginners: Master The Five Stages Of A Trade

This book and companion Webinar are packed with training!

As Seen on AMAZON


How to Overcome Fear And Greed When Trading Bitcoin

Even with a great trading plan that has been proven to work, most traders cannot successfully earn a profit. Simply because, without knowing it, they are greedy and fearful at exactly the opposite times that they should be.

This book provides a shift in perspective that will help you!

How to Overcome Fear And Greed When Trading Bitcoin

Learn Crypto Trading!
Make Your Money Work For You!

For example, with BONUS #1, which is what our
current members subscribe to on a monthly basis ($97/Month),
published ALERTS that provided opportunities like these:

126% Gains

308% Gains

147% Gains

You might be thinking…

How much time will it take to learn crypto trading?

The truth is, if you already spend more than 30 minutes per day reviewing the charts… then you have the concentration, you have the time!!

The one thing you are missing is
the correct habits
to learn crypto trading.

8 of 10 Students have the
personal motivations!

8 of 10 students who completed the ‘Learn Crypto Trading’ course did so, not because they had to – but because they saw the possible benefits in their future and they believed in the reasons WHY they wanted the financial success that trading can deliver!

REMIND yourself of your personal motivations and you will sustain your power to complete the 30 minutes per day!

Your personal motivations give you the power to take the next small step toward success each day.

Your personal motivations give you the power to imagine how our future success will FEEL!

Tap into your personal motivations and
you’ll have the power to learn new skills and
practice making your money work for you – until it becomes
a habit
of growing your wealth!

Color Coded Crypto Signals

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Opportunities in the cryptocurrency markets may not be here the next time the course is run!

It may be two months before we offer this course again!

This could be your ONLY chance to prepare and reset your approach to trading, just before the next big altcoin bull run gets underway!

Have you already missed trades?

Have you already taken nice profits only to see the market take off without you?

Have you already become a bag-holder because you didn’t know where to find a clear, tested strategy on when to exit trades?

The next course begins again soon!

Is There A Guarantee?

Yes. I want to take ALL of the risk out of taking this Course.
I want to remove ALL fears that you will be ripped off in some crypto scam.

So I’m offering a 100%, Take-It-To-The-Blockchain Guarantee!

I personally guarantee that if you make a diligent effort, complete the course and you don’t think this is the real thing, if you sincerely feel that I fell short in any way on delivering what I promised, I’ll be happy to refund your money. I will return the entire cost of the course to you, and you can KEEP all the bonuses and my thanks!

Still skeptical? Good. You should be.

There’s a lot of old trading guides, mis-information, and just plain crap out there. That’s why I offer the best guarantee in the business!!

I’m so confident that we teach some of the most powerful methods of Cryptocurrency Trend Trading today, that if you aren’t completely satisfied after completing the course, you will receive a full refund of your purchase price.

With no risk, what do you have to lose?

Take The Next Step Toward Your Future!

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