Learn How The AltCoin Markets Really Work

If you don’t want to keep losing money – then you need to know
how skilled traders view the bitcoin and altcoin markets.

Without knowing how these markets really work, then you leave yourself open to
exploits and abuse that can and will be used against you.

Gain The Correct Knowledge And Profit!

Perhaps you have lost money consistently, and that’s why you are reading this.

I want you to know that you can earn back every single coin that you ever lost, and start to become a consistent, profitable trader, because you have finally found the correct knowledge!

Do you agree that there is a small group of traders in any market who make more money than 90% of the traders combined? Could it be that these traders have learned how to avoid ‘market risk’ and only trade with ‘certainty’?

What is it about market psychology, and the mechanics of price movement that these traders understand that you may be missing?

Fact is, once you know how, why and when money moves through any given market, you too can place yourself in trade positions that deposit this money into YOUR trading accounts, again and again.

What Does It Take To Consistently Make Profits?

Of course you likely already know that being a consistent, profitable trader takes many skills – but the most important component to your success, is your ability to think differently than the crowd mentality. It is vitally important that you make independent decisions based on facts & figures, and not based on emotion or tips you may hear.

You must identify and understand exploitable patterns that have worked in the past. Look for consistently recurring movements in a in the market and narrow down to coins with a steady stream of trading volume and mark this as one of your ‘Quality’ coins for trading.

Your largest profits will come from the very places that public chat room experts will warn you away from!

Stop Hanging Out With Losing Traders.

The more time you spend in ‘free’ online chat, watching opinion videos on YouTube and hanging out on live Twitch streams with other novice traders, the more time you will waste watching the one minute bars, jumping in and out of trades, and the more the group FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) and FOMO (fear of missing out) will settle into your subconscious mind. You will keep over-trading, and you will keep losing money.

If you want to become a better golfer, get a pro golf coach.

If you want to become a black belt, practice with a karate Master.

How do you trade with better traders? Join us and MIX with them. YOU choose your environment!

Mediocrity and success are both contagious. That applies to trading cryptos, as in all areas of life. If you want to gain consistent profitability, find a successful mentor, do the practice and gain the skills to think on your own with confidence.

Crowd Psychology and Price Movement

Like it or not, if you don’t understand market psychology and price movement, you’re going to lose money trading.

This is a direct result of three key points:

1. Not knowing the current state of market that you are trading in,
2. Not having the sufficient skills to limit risk, and most often,
3. Trading the market at the wrong time, and without a proven strategy.

Stop Chasing Hype – Get Positioned For Profits

Skilled altcoin traders do not chase after hype trains, they understand that once the crowd is getting hyped, it’s already time to sell.

You see, there is a set of criteria, a clear pattern, that is always present when money has moved into the cryptocurrency markets.

It works in a specific manner that is largely driven by crowd thinking, before volume can push the price of a digital currency into remarkable levels of profit. These patterns are displayed in the price charts – simple, repeating patterns, clear as can be – for those who know how to read them.

There is no need to go overboard with complex ‘technical analysis’. Consistent traders study the timing and understand the patterns that literally attract trading volume to boost the price of a coin. They simply position themselves, and the advantage of profit comes to them without great effort, without hours of watching the charts.

Knowing these criteria, these chart patterns, is like putting a magnet near metal – when you see these patterns and get positioned, then when the market is ready, these criteria just draws the money in.

Before you trade, you should prepare yourself and prepare your strategy, or you will have your money taken from you on a daily basis.

If that’s what’s been happening to you, if you have been losing money consistently, then you have to admit that you have not prepared yourself, or don’t know the ins and outs of trading your market. That’s the only way you’ll start learning the strategies that work.

Limited Space Free Training

This free training will leave you with the sense that YOU CAN DO THIS!

You CAN follow these simple rules and experience consistent profits and success…

even if you are starting with nothing, even if you have failed in the past!

Questions And Answers

As a new trader – is this worth my time?

Yes. This training is worth your time. I remember what it was like to be a beginner. I started with the wrong information and learned the important basics in the wrong order. This cost me years of struggle and thousands of dollars in losing trades before I found the right information and put it to use in the correct order. I wrote and re-wrote my trading plan many times over the years before it became a stable working approach. By sharing my simple and concise lessons in the order I wish I would have learned them, my goal is to help others save the years of time and money that I lost before I understood the steps. Investing in yourself will pay dividends you cannot count!

Will You Coach Me?

No, not directly. These courses are NOT coaching services. Instead, I share my own research and trading journal. I have been trading for a living full time for a number of years now, but I am not a licensed financial advisory service. These courses started as my own trading plan and include everything that I learned about trading, but in the order I wish I would have learned the lessons rather than the years of trial and error. If you are looking for a trading alert service to tell you when to trade and what to trade, this is not for you. But, if you want to learn and understand exploitable patterns that have worked in the past, and then put in the practice to make independent decisions based on your own facts & figures – you will gain fantastic benefit from this free training.

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