What if there actually was a methodical, proven way to determine when
the next cryptocurrency bull market was really starting?

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The 'Simple Trading Plan' - A Philosophy of Wealth with CryptoCurrencies

What if this method did NOT require ‘insider information’ and only took a few minutes each day to manage?

And, what if you could attend a free training webinar that taught this complete method for identifying the true beginning of a bull trend without getting sucked in to another fake-out break-out – AND – it wasn’t just a intro sales pitch that requires you to buy something to get the full answer!?

Would you invest just 90 minutes of your time to learn
this complete, proven approach?

This weekend I’m putting on just such a training webinar based on my upcoming book!
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The 'Simple Trading Plan' - A Philosophy of Wealth with CryptoCurrencies

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This free training will leave you with the sense that YOU CAN DO THIS!

You CAN follow these simple rules and experience consistent profits and success…

even if you are starting with nothing, even if you have failed in the past!

Questions And Answers

As a new trader – is this worth my time?

Yes. This training is worth your time. This is not just an intro sales pitch – but a complete method with entries, exits and risk controls. I remember what it was like to be a beginner. I started with the wrong information and learned the important basics in the wrong order. This cost me years of struggle and thousands of dollars in losing trades before I found the right information and put it to use in the correct order. I wrote and re-wrote my trading plan many times over the years before it became a stable working approach for me. By sharing my simple and concise lessons in the order I wish I would have learned them, my goal is to help others save the years of time and money that I lost before I understood the steps. Investing in yourself will pay dividends you cannot count!

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Do not let this opportunity-of-a-lifetime slip you by as you are watching it.

Knowing about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is not the same as profiting from it.