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Will You Coach Me?

No, not directly. These courses are NOT coaching services. I have been trading for a living, but I am not a licensed financial advisory service. These courses started as my own trading plan and include everything that I learned about trading, but in the order I wish I would have learned the lessons rather than the years of trial and error. If you are looking for a trading alert service to tell you when and what to trade, this is not for you.

As a new trader – is this worth my time?

Yes. There are uncountable ‘trading guru’s’ on the internet and each has a specialty. Many of them are so involved in complex technical analysis they don’t provide the base… the key elements to financial success in an easy to understand flow. I remember what it was like to be a beginner, and how I started with the wrong information and learned the important basics in the wrong order. This cost me years of struggle and thousands of dollars in losing trades before I found the right information and put it to use in the correct order. I wrote and re-wrote my trading plan many times over the years before it became a stable working approach. By sharing my simple and concise lessons in the order I wish I would have learned them, my goal is to help others save the years of time and money that I lost before I understood the steps. Investing in yourself will pay dividends you cannot count!

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