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How To Tell When A Coin Will MOON

It’s really good to have a crypto trading spreadsheet that somebody has actually used in the past to make some really great income from trading… but it’s even better to look at some really recent examples of this trading plan actually playing out!

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Crypto Trading Signal Examples

Let’s take a look at bqx/btc chart and we’ll open up the original trading alert signal here we can see that we had a 1-2-3 formation setting up.

We could identify the potential trading signal ahead of time and get ourselves prepared.

As we move the chart ahead through time we can see what actually happened with this. We did come up and hit our original targets.

Altcoin Bull Market Incoming

The most amazing part about this is looking at other coins that are now in phenomenal positions that are just making their 1-2-3 formation and the exponential moving average is just crossing over and we’re just getting our buy signal right here on this coin there’s many other coins that are setting up like this.

I’m super excited to share practical examples like this of how this trading plan actually works!

Complete, Practical Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trading Plan for Beginners

If you haven’t already be sure that you get a copy of this trading plan and the webinar!

I used to charge two hundred ninety nine dollars for this but now I give it away for free.

I do that so that everybody who joins our free discord chat is going to have another level of preparedness for the conversation!

Crypto Trading Signal Example 2

Let’s take a look at another practical example in THETA.

The original alert that we had in theta at the beginning of April and then we stop now and take a look at the price of theta currently and we bring this up we can see that…

…we’re at ninety six percent profit even though prices went way up there and pulled back!

For our pro alert strategy of building out our crypto portfolio, we did nothing we got into our original position now and you can see here that we are just sitting on top of this waiting for prices to complete this one two three formation and break higher then we’re going to add on to our larger position in this market.

We do believe we’ve hit the beginning of the actual trend in this market in the years to come this is going to do a very much larger move in waves and waves of time and so we are preparing for a much bigger move than we’ve seen in the past with these crypto currencies and really want to keep ourselves in to these original positions as much as we can.

Now keep your stops just above your entry let the market have some room and get ready for the bigger waves to come in.

Crypto Trading Signal Example 3

And a final example we can see here is our trade on LRC.

We entered on 0.00000313 and we added on to it at 0.00000388 so we can see our original and our add-on entry alerts.

Our original back in February as we made this extreme bottom

and then prices came up they pulled back they made the one two three formation and we added on to it

…and now you can see that we are holding 206% and 147% profit.

Let’s take a look at that price chart here we are I’ve pulled the chart back this is a phenomenal example I’m so glad that we have this one in the recent price pattern.

The Trend Reversal In Action

Look at the downtrend line. This is what the free crypto trading plan teaches! We’re looking for the break of the downtrend line. Then we’re looking for a failed test of the recent low as our trend change formation.

After this 1-2-3 Formation proves itself and the 12-hour exponential moving average crosses over, we have completed our basic signal. That’s where our original alert came from right there from this 1-2-3.

Beautiful to see it setup you never know when it’s going to go so you have to play them and you have to play them small. Prices went on and we just left our stop-loss just above our entry and ignored it. It’s not our job anymore.

Now we can watch how this plays out overtime prices went up very nicely and so now our stop-loss is above for both of those positions and we’re watching for the four-hour exponential moving average as a potential place to take part of our profit.

But since we’re looking at a very very long term move coming up I really want to error on the side of, you know, keeping my stops way back and giving the market all sorts of room to come all the way back and retest the levels just above my entries. I just want to keep my stops just above my entry still at the very beginning of this kind of trade.

And there are so many markets that are setting up just like this I want to finish this video by providing you with a solution so that you can get this kind of detailed answer really quickly and really visually.

Crypto Spreadsheet For Google Docs

We have the simple color coded crypto trading spreadsheet for google docs that reviews everything on Binance every single day. We call it the Crypto SmartWatch.

The real power is that on the cover page of this cryptocurrency position spreadsheet. Scroll down and you can see which cryptocurrency assets are in the new alert status. You can quickly go and review those when an altcoin goes into hold status you can quickly see and go and review those to see if they should be in your crypto trading portfolio!

Even better you get to see which coins are passing the exit signals. Review coins to remove from your portfolio at this time.

We give you the trading plan for free over on our website so that every buddy who’s in our discord chat is one level up and then we have these added value services like our Crypto Smartwatch Portfolio Spreadsheet which gives you the color codes – idea for beginner crypto traders. The bull market watch spreadsheet (now called the Crypto SmartWatch) helps to give you that daily structure and that long-term approach so that you can really be in position.

You may also wish to consider the PRO ALERTS for more detailed crypto market coverage.

Super great to have you guys along I look forward to seeing you in the free training in our discord chat or in some of our added value services, like our smartwatch crypto trading spreadsheet, that are going to help you in your trading build that structure and that success that you know is out there don’t miss out on it see you on the inside.

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