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KNC/BTC0.000017411-2-3 bottom on 4 hr barhttps://www.coinigy.com/s/i/5d5d147742183/17.29

Crypto Signals with education, mentors and community – a rich resource to help you build the habits of a better trader!

Our bitcoin trade signals and cryptocurrency trading signals are based on an open and transparent trading plan that you can learn.

We track specific trend change patterns and apply key technical indicators to pre-qualify the trade into ALERT Status before the trade signal is triggered.

Starting with a unique focus on risk management, each ALERT provides specific entry and stop loss levels along with ranges and strategies for profit zones.

Throughout each trading day, over 200 cryptocurrency markets are analyzed by full time traders and our cryptocurrency course graduates who are following our trend-following trading methodology. YOU CAN TRADE THIS!

Trade Signals and Alerts and video technical analysis are delivered to you daily!

How it Works

When a trade setup presents itself, we publish our detailed recommendation with defined risk and profit targets. Use the ALERT as a guide as you follow and practice our trading philosophy with us. Act with confidence with the support of our 24×7 community as you select and adjust ALERTS to fit your circumstances.

Once an ALERT has been updated to a HOLD status, we continually update when it’s time to either tighten a stop loss or take a profit.

The Traders Desk summary videos review HOLD positions and open ALERTS in our spreadsheets in order to maintain focus on the risk management for new trades, profit targets for current trades, and to keep a sharp focus on upcoming trading opportunities!

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