The ULTIMATE BitMEX Tutorial


This is a very easy to understand and basic tutorial on How To Trade Bitcoin And Altcoins on BitMEX.
The team at IntroToCryptos gathered the top highlights from the most-viewed bitmex tutorials on youtube and boiled down the tactics, the strategies, and the power tricks into one complete lesson, we also scanned all the unanswered user questions in the comments below the tutorials – to create…

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  • How To Create An Account.
  • Using TestNet For Practice.
  • Understanding The Trading Contracts on BitMEX.
  • Margin Trading Losses vs HODLER Losses
  • The Effects Of Leverage
  • What Is Liquidation And How Does It Work
  • What Is The Bitmex Insurance Fund
  • Perpetual Swap vs Contract with Settlement Date
  • The Importance of The Order Book
  • Getting Started Trading
  • Long positions, and Short Positions
  • Market order, Limit order and Fees
  • How To Close An Open Position
  • Examples of Placing Orders
    • The Market Order
    • The Limit Order
    • The Stop Market Order
    • Buy Limit and Buy Stop
    • Sell Limit and Sell Stop
    • The Stop Limit Order
    • Stop Limit Buy Order Example
    • Stop Limit Sell Order Example
    • When should you use a trailing stop?
    • Power Tip, Use a Limit Order Like A Market Order
    • Take Profit Market, Take Profit Limit
  • How To Select The Correct Leverage
  • Calculating The FEES For Margin Trading

A Beginners Guide To Cryptocurrency Trading


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