The ‘Simple Trading Plan’ – Wealth With Cryptocurrencies


The inspiring new ebook “The ‘Simple Trading Plan’ – A Philosophy of Wealth With Cryptocurrencies”
is now available!

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With cryptocurrency taking over the storm like fire, there are a lot of “gurus” out there promoting their coins or wanting you to get into their courses and program, which provide little to no value. I have to say I been following Doug for over 1 year now, and he is genuinely one of the most value providing people out there. His free videos alone have helped me so much and the fact that he makes them simple and easy to follow is super helpful. With the book, it will take your level up and just applying 1 of his strategies will surely help you profit in cryptos. – Connor Cranston

Intended for the new and intermediate cryptocurrency trader, this book is to share my story of trading cryptocurrencies from zero to over six figures, in a tutorial format that may help shorten your journey to financial success as well. Originally created between 1994 and 1997 as a written trading plan for my own use, what follows is a formula of how I actually earned digital currencies and then invested them for fantastic profit from 2015 to now. Lessons are presented in the order that I would have my younger self learn – rather than the hit-and-miss journey of trial and error that I actually took over two decades of researching and testing trading methods.

When I first started learning about trading signals, I learned everything in exactly the wrong order. And it cost me thousands of dollars and many years of lost time – simply because I didn’t have the right information, in the correct order.

This book was compiled after creating three years of crypto trading journal videos about my ‘written trading plan’. After slowly growing to over 7000+ YouTube subscribers, after serving thousands of people from over 71 countries with free and paid courses – and after three years of providing Q and A support on our small private trading forums. This book is an expanded and improved collection of tutorials and transcripts to fill out the written trading plan and transform it into a philosophy for financial success.

This book was originally released as ‘CryptoCurrency Rags To Riches’. The updated and expanded book serves as our CryptoCurrency Trading Course “Text Book”, and is available here as a stand alone publication for the Do It Yourself (DIY) Trader!

WHY I wrote this book, and why I think you should own it:

let me tell you my story because I want to make a difference in your life.

The opportunity standing before us today is unlike any other in the history of mankind. Truly, if I had been told about the fantastic potential of bitcoin back in January of 2011 – I WOULD NOT have taken action… I simply would not have believed it.

I’m sure you know this fact:

In January of 2011, Bitcoin was $0.25 each. That is, you could have bought 40 (forty) Bitcoin for $10. Forty Bitcoin are worth over $250,000 today. It is a sobering reality.

I’m sure you know the quote as well:

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!”

TODAY, we have a full range of Cryptocurrencies that are better, stronger and faster than Bitcoin – and many of them are valued at a few dollars and even pennies. Financial technologies that are so groundbreaking that regulators are just beginning to understand their profound significance!!

I started trading cryptocurrencies in 2015. Bitcoin was $250 each and I had zero, none, and no way to buy any… but I started making videos about doing technical analysis on the price of bitcoin and a few people sent me TIPS in Bitcoin!! I discovered Bitcoin faucets with referral programs… and soon I was earning 0.00750000 bitcoin per week!

In May of 2015 I had earned and traded my way up to $500 worth of bitcoin.

By May of 2016 my bitcoin stack was worth $5000!

By May of 2017 I was sitting on more than $50,000 worth of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies – all through earning and trading. In July of 2017 I was holding over $120,000 in my crypto trading accounts!!

And, by January 2018 I hit a peak of over $530,000!

Here are some screenshots from my account

Completely insane returns!!

More than I had EARNED through working in the DECADE prior. I paid more in income taxes for 2017 than I had earned in the best year of my life – and I’ll tell you, I was completely happy to pay Revenue Canada!!

Of course, past profits are no guarantee of future success.

However, the methodical, systematic way I traded the cryptocurrency markets wasn’t just luck. I started studying this method of trading many years before I discovered cryptos… I had been practicing and refining this methodology – and when I discovered Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrency trading, I instantly knew it was a perfect fit.

Over the past four years, I have created more than 800 trading journal videos on YouTube.

I wanted success in trading cryptos – and I wanted to learn from every mistake I made… the only way I knew of was to document every thought I was having about the markets as prices moved – then I could go back after six months and review – WHAT was I thinking at key moments when the markets made a significant change.

And over the past four years I have written and re-written my trading plan. I’ve taken the best tutorials I created on my videos and the best answers to questions that people have asked me – I’ve stripped away and thrown out strategies that failed, and BOILED DOWN all of my most successful patterns.

The result?

You guessed it. My book.

Of course, I wrote this book for myself first of all – because I want MORE of the success I’ve had in the past. I want to become completely financially independent and NEVER have to worry about money ever again.

I want to take care of my family, help friends and enjoy the best things in life.

When I get up each morning – I remember how I traded my way from nothing to fantastic success and I completely KNOW I can do more of it – especially with the cryptocurrency markets in the place they are right now in November of 2018.

This is the ideal set up for my trading methods. I don’t want to miss out, and so I’m studying as hard as I can.

What you will not get

Let me tell you what you are not going to get. You are not going to get promises of steady profits from day trading cryptos. It may be possible, I don’t think so, but even if it is, it takes up too much time.

You are not going to get some lame ass pump and dump scheme. And this isn’t about getting rich quickly – there’s no promises of making 10x on your money… though I think THAT IS very possible.

What you WILL get…

While many people are predicting the next bull wave is near, on October 11, the crypto sphere lost 20 billion dollars of market capitalization in just one day! Bitcoin dropped almost $600 value in a couple hours of trading – and many of the top market-cap coins posted a double digit drop in prices!

This truly can be high risk trading even if you are not using leverage.

But – consider this question…

What if there actually was a methodical, proven way to determine exactly when the next cryptocurrency bull market was really starting?

It would have to be an exploitable pattern that has actually worked and made profits in all three of the bull waves that have occurred in the past 24 months of cryptocurrency trading.

And that is exactly what I reveal in this book.

Why Share Such A Powerful Strategy?

I’ve had many people ask me straight out “Why would you give this way in your book if your strategies are that powerful?”

I share everything in my book – start to finish, all you need – for three reasons.

First: most people who read the book, agree with the strategy… but they never put it into action. Or they don’t put it into action the right way, they fail and quit. They don’t put in the required work to study, learn and drill for skill. They recognize the correctness of the strategy but they haven’t practiced and repeated the knowledge enough to turn it into a belief – into a habit they can call upon it at the right moment without thinking about it.

Second: there is so much opportunity that there is plenty enough for all of us. You see, even if you really take this training to heart, study it, and practice it, make it your own… you are not competition to me! More people using this strategy does not reduce or change my opportunity to profit. So it’s ok for me to share.

Third: most of the people buying this book have limited funds or they have tried and lost money trading cryptos. Now they don’t have much money and are just starting out with a small investment, trying to break away from the gambling mindset. These people see the potential, and they are willing to INVEST IN THEMSELVES and learn more about the speculators approach.

This is not a game or a get rich quick scheme. Cryptocurrencies really are massively big business with game changing technologies that will disrupt all kinds of traditional business models. They provide unthinkable opportunity to those with a plan, and patience.

I have a goal with this Book:

My Goal is to make a difference in the lives of people who need it.

My Goal:

Get Started – grab this book – and help me achieve My Goal to make a difference in your life.

If you are JUST like I was a few short years ago…

I was always struggling for money. I was angry about money. I resented it – I resented the power it had over me and how it controlled my time and made me feel like a beggar and a prostitute.

Fortunately I started researching and learning all I could about money – When I found and read the books ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, and ‘Money Is My Friend’, I had a dramatic shift in the way I was thinking and feeling about money.

I didn’t have any more money than before – but I had a completely different understanding and feeling about money. And that slowly changed the small actions I took with the little money I had… and within a short while, I was having much better results – because I was making money work for me instead of only me working for money.

And this trading method was, and remains to be – a big part of my success with making money work for me.

So if I can share this simple plan, in my book, with people who need it – I KNOW I can make a profound difference in other peoples lives. To me, providing that kind of value to the world and achieving My A Goal – makes my small life mean something bigger.

WHY I wrote this book, and why I think you should own it.

What’s Inside:

Table of Contents

Why you should read this book

  • The Key Foundation For Trading Success
  • Successful Traders Focus On One Approach


  • A Bit About Me
  • How To Think About Money
  • How to Make Money
  • How to Grow Money

Help Me Reach More People

  • Knowledge vs Belief About Money

What is Risk Capital?

  • The Risk Capital Hierarchy
  • Speculating and Investing vs Gambling
  • Money Works By Laws

Let’s Get Started

  • Create a free wallet
  • Earning or Buying Your First Bitcoin
  • Select Your Destination, Then Begin

What Do You Think About Money?

  • Your First Successful Experience With Cryptos

A Simple Plan To Become A Millionaire

  • The Magic Strategy That Transforms Money
  • Three Categories Of People, And Their Money
  • Does Money Solve Money Problems?
  • Micro Success To Build Joy Into Money
  • How The Wealthy Think And Feel About Money

Two Financial Masters That Can Change Your World

  • Money Is My Friend
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad

Top Ways I Make Free Bitcoin Income

  • Small Scale Crypto Mining At Home
  • Cloud Mining
  • Free Bitcoin Earning Via Referrals
  • Top CryptoCurrency Trading Exchanges
  • Sports Betting To Earn CryptoCurrency
  • Two Ways To Magnify Bitcoin Referral Income
  • Special Warning To Prevent Failure

Safely Grow The Bitcoin You Earn

  • Is this ‘Bitcoin Lending’ a scam?
  • Why It Works, Why It’s Safe
  • Compounding Profits Safely
  • Double Dipping In CryptoCurrency Bull Markets
  • Strategy For Safer Digital Currency Investing
  • Automate Your Lending
  • Layered Lending Strategy
  • Multi-Currency Lending
  • The Whales Lending Case Study to Track Profit/Loss
CryptoCurrency Trading 101

  • How We Learn To Trade CryptoCurrencies
  • Would You Learn To Fly A Plane That Way?

THE Most Important Principle of Trading

  • Repeating Drills For Skills

Required Reading For New Traders
Getting Ready For The Dangers of Trading

  • Focus on positioning not on profits

What To Do When You’re Wrong In Trading

  • It’s Not Wrong To Be Wrong
  • How Can This Work?

Two Mistakes That ALL Traders Make

  • Mistake One
  • Mistake Two
  • Why We Make Trading Mistakes
  • Mistakes When Losing
  • Mistakes When Winning
  • Surround Yourself With Success Thinking

A Phantom To The Rescue

  • Repeat Rule #1 and Rule #2, From Memory
  • Profitable Trader Shares Common, Learned, Habits
  • More Than Buy Low Sell High
  • Correcting Common Trading Mistakes

Reading Formations on Price Charts
The ‘Simple Trading Plan’

  • The ‘Simple Trading Plan’ Assumptions
  • Trendline Break Alert
  • 1-2-3 Trend Change Formation
  • Timeframes for Trading The ‘Simple Trading Plan’
  • Exponential Moving Average Confirmation
  • 99% Preparation, 1% Action
  • How To Watch For and Identify The Right Moment
  • Limits of The ‘Simple Trading Plan’
  • Using Rule #1 and #2 in The ‘Simple Trading Plan’
  • How Build a Long-Term Position
  • Adding On Correctly
  • When To Take Profits

The Springboard Variation

  • RSI Divergence For Insight

Popcorn Trading Strategy

  • Variations In Catching PopCorn Moves

Other Trading Approaches

  • Range Breakout Trading
  • Swing Trading­ vs Trend Trading Chart Patterns

Crypto Price Manipulation (and how to protect yourself)

  • The Four Stages of the ‘Pump and Dump’ Scheme
  • How To Profit From Pump And Dump Groups – Without Participating
  • Artificial Intelligence Trading BOTS

Increasing Risk/Rewards with Margin Trading on Poloniex

  • How Margin Trading and Lending Work Together
  • How To Avoid Forced Liquidation

Psychology: The Anatomy Of A Losing Trade
Two Sure Signs You Are Addicted To Cryptos
Keeping A Trading Journal

  • Trading Rules For Pool 1
  • Trading Rules for Pool 2
  • Trading Rules for Pool 3
  • Trading Rules for Pool 4

Appendix One – My Short Story
Appendix Two – Interviews
Smart Bitcoin Investment Podcast Interview
Transcript from the Crypto Investing #86

  • Tell Us About Your Background
  • What If CryptoTrading Full Time Doesn’t Work Out?
  • How Do You Summarize Your Approach?
  • What Were Your Top Biggest Mistakes?
  • What Is Your Most Valuable Lesson In Cryptos?
  • What Inspired Your CryptoCurrency Trading Course?
  • Talk About Your Course on How To Trade CryptoCurrencies
  • What Is Your Approach For Investing In ICO’s
  • Any Closing Words Of Advice?

Appendix Three – Resources and Tools