How to Overcome Fear And Greed Trading Bitcoin


This book will teach you how to overcome fear and greed when trading bitcoin and cryptocurrencies by looking at the price charts to find a powerful chart formation that often occurs when prices are low, so you can buy into a market before prices rise.

Yet, even with a great trading plan that has been proven to work, most traders cannot successfully earn a profit.  Simply because, without knowing it, they are greedy and fearful at exactly the opposite times that they should be. This book provides a shift in perspective that will help you avoid greed and fear at the wrong times and learn how successful traders use fear and greed at the correct times!



  • Intro To Investing Basics With Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
    • Gaining Skills With Money
  • Who Is This Book For?
  • Learning And Testing Money Growing Strategies
  • A Powerful Signal More Than A Century Old
    • Many Examples Of Huge Profit Opportunities
    • 1-2-3 Bottoms Are Everywhere!
  • What Is The 1-2-3 Bottom Formation?
    • Looking For 1-2-3 Bottoms
    • Practice Finding 1-2-3 Bottoms In Old Charts
  • When 1-2-3 Bottom Formations Go Wrong
    • Bad 1-2-3 Bottoms To Be Aware Of
    • False 1-2-3 Bottoms
    • Sideways Bottoms
    • Backtesting Is A Great Practice.
  • A Strategy To Protect Us From ‘Bad’ Bottom Formations
    • Now We Have The Knowledge We Need!
  • The Problem of Greed and Fear
  • The Wrong Time To Be Fearful And Greedy.
    • Greed At The Start Of A Trade
    • Fear At The Start Of A Trade
    • Greed And Fear During A Successful Trade
    • The Effect of Reversing Fear and Greed
  • Can You Find Examples of 1-2-3 Bottoms Today?
  • Gain Greater Wealth, Greater Security, and Greater Freedom


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