Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trading Plan for Beginners


Complete, Practical Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trading Plan. Technical analysis strategies made easy and accessible for the complete beginner.

The team at IntroToCryptos are happy to present our latest guide for new cryptocurrency enthusiasts: ‘Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trading Plan for Beginners’!

This book and companion webinar, are packed with training!

After a brief introduction, we introduce you to a powerful and timeless trading plan, then we follow the stages of a trade from the start, past the finish line and all the way to the success line!




  • Introduction
  • Complete, Practical System
  • A Simple Trading Approach
  • Let’s Start With Some Proof
    • ENJ/BTC Before and After 308% Gains
    • DLT/BTC Before and After 147% Gains
    • STEEM/BTC Before and After 12% Gains
    • RCN/BTC Before and After 71% Gains
  • Technical Analysis = Pattern Recognition
  • Why You Need To See The Big Picture
  • The ‘Simple Trading Plan’
    • The Trendline
    • Breach of the 1-2-3 Formation
    • Cross of the 60/20 Exponential Moving Average
    • It Really Is That Simple
  • Works In Any Timeframe
  • Prepare Like a PILOT For Their First Solo Flight
  • Mastering The Five Stages Of A Trade
    • Stage One – Identify Opportunity and Prepare
    • Stage Two: Alert Triggered
    • Stage Three : Setting Stop Loss
      • It Is Not Our Job To Make Money
      • The Market Will Tell Us When To Exit
    • Stage Four: Adding On
      • Two Ways To Learn Trading Lessons
      • The Pull Back And The Place To Add On
    • Stage Five: The Exit
      • Getting Clear On The Exits
    • After The Exit
  • Conclusion and Next Steps
  • Appendix
  • Risk Disclaimer
  • Hypothetical Results Disclaimer


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