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CryptoCurrency Trading Course Replay

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Lifetime Membership. Start building your confidence with a three week intensive sequence of learning. We start Week One with building the correct mindset and approach to lay foundations upon which successful trading can be build. An introduction to specific chart analysis tools in Week Two, and finally pulling things together in Week Three to present the entire trading plan from start to finish.

Three Week Intensive Course Outline

Week One

Lesson OneHow We Learn To Trade CryptoCurrencies20 minute Video, 2:45 Audio
Learning To Fly A Plane5 Minute Read
THE Most Important Principle of Trading4 Minute Read
Repeating Drills For Building Skills2:30 Audio
Lesson TwoRequired Reading For New Traders2:50 Audio, 5 hour book
Getting Ready For The Dangers of Trading1 hour LIVE Voice Chat!
What To Do When You’re Wrong In Trading2:00 Audio
Lesson ThreeTwo Mistakes That ALL Traders Make1:42 Audio
Mistakes When Losing1:38 Audio
Mistakes When Winning1:20 Audio
Lesson FourSurround Yourself With Success Thinking2:00 Audio, 5 hour read
A Phantom To The Rescue2:20 Audio, 3 hour read
Profitable Traders Shares Common, Learned, Habits2:17 Audio
Correcting Common Trading Mistakes2:51 Audio
Live SessionPresenting Lessons 1 - 4 1 Hour Unlisted LIVESTREAM Video

Week Two

Lesson FiveReading Trade Formations on Price Charts2:50 Audio, 1 hour private LIVESTREAM video
1-2-3 Trend Change Formation5 Minute Read
The Springboard Variation of the 1-2-37 Minute Read, 30 Min Video
How To Identify The Right Moment5 Minute Read
When Does The 1-2-3 Formation FAIL?15 Minute Read
Lesson SixTrendlines, Reversal Patterns and Moving Averages10 Minute Read
Trendline Break Alert5 Minute Read
Exponential Moving Average Trade Confirmation5 Minute Read
Relative Strength Indicator in Crypto Trend Trading6 Min Intro Video, 30 Minute Livestream
How To Trade With Ichimoku Cloud Indicator20 Min Intro Video
Using Parallel Channels For Trade Confirmation20 Min Intro Video
Two Approaches to Range Breakout Trading10 Min Read
Swing Trading­ vs Trend Trading10 Min Read
Lesson SevenRevealed: The Popcorn Trading Strategy15 Min Read, Discord Chat Examples
Technical Analysis Tools Review1 Hour private LIVESTREAM

Week Three

Lesson EightHistorical Altcoin Bull Market Study30 Min Live Video, 1-3 Hours Study
Master These Five Stages Of A Trade30 Min Read, 1 Hour Livestream
Lesson NineHow To Build Crypto Market Positions15 Min Read, 1 hour study
Lesson TenWhen To Take Profits, Or Go Short10 Min Video, Discord Chat Support
Lesson ElevenIncreasing Risk/Rewards with Leveraged Trading10 Min Read, BitMEX Chat Support
How To Avoid Forced Liquidation5 Min Read
Conspiracy SectionHow Price Manipulation Works Crypto (and how to protect yourself)15 Min Read
How To Profit From Pump And Dump Groups15 Min Read
Artificial Intelligence Trading BOTS10 Min Read
Lesson TwelvePsychology - The Anatomy Of A Losing Trade15 Min Read, Discord Chat Help
Two Sure Signs You Are Addicted To Cryptos10 Min Video, Discord Chat Help
Keeping A Trading Journal10 Min Read, Spreadsheet with Video Tutorial
ConclusionStay Current With Our Community5 Min Read
Preparing For Ongoing Success1 Hour private Livestream

Ongoing Mentorship.

After the course replay is complete, you transition into the ongoing practice of trading until the next run of the live course! As a Lifetime member, you are encouraged to repeat the replay and attend the live classes and take the course over again! Become dedicated to mastering the art and science of trading. Join our regular crew of members that attend the live classes over again each time the course is offered! We would be happy to welcome you into our fold!


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Three Week Intensive Cryptocurrency Trading Course.

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