LOW Marketcap MEGA-BOT!

$49.95 per month for Zignaly Subscribers, these automated trades closely match the powerful trend following approach you can learn in the Crypto SmartWatch Mini-Series.

This multi-coin Bot is included with PRO ALERTS Subscriptions.

This portfolio is focused on the LOWEST marketcap markets on Binance. (under 1000 btc) The aim is to take a small position in each of the markets that trends…

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Dedicated to Automated Bull Market Watch EMA Alerts generated from our custom tradingview script!


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We recommend a Binance Trading account balance of 0.1 btc or more as this system will engage 2% of your portfolio for any new trade… that is 0.002 btc in value. Each coin has it’s own minimum amount requirement and if your account size is too small, your sell orders may be created below minimum allowed order size and you will get errors.

Lowcap coins on Binance under 1000, over 200 BTC

BTC Marketcap
BTC Value
USD Value
24 hr Change

Microcap coins on Binance under 200 BTC

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Automation Pending:


When you hook up your Binance API with Zignaly, and subscribe to the ‘Bull Market Watch Diversified Binance LOWCAP’ Signal Provider – the system will automatically fire trades in your Binance account