Clear Binance Trading Signals.
A Proven Trading Plan. Mentors To Guide You.

Zignaly Bot Performance

Now holding the #1 spot for most profitable Zignaly Signal ProviderINCLUDED with your PRO ALERTS subscription!

BOTH MEGABOTS – the lowcap and the highcap together manage more than 100 cryptocurrencies on Binance! Complete, hands off, automated trading bot that very closely matches the diversified Bull Market Watch Trend Following approach!

Multiple Mini-Bots. That you can understand.

Current data from our Live ALERT Monitoring Spreadsheet:

The following coins are in ‘HOLD’ status with greater than 50% profits.


Entry Price
Open Profit
Current Price
ALERT Screenshot

The dark logos represent the Lowcap Bot, holding many great profit trades! (above)

July 7, 8 and 9 2020 have been busy days for the Highcap Bot as it is starting to pick up new positions (below)

PRO ALERTS is our ‘Complete Package

Join our crypto research and trading community with hundreds active traders working together to identify opportunities, to capture profit, and continually improve our financial knowledge.

Kick start the habits of a confident and skilled trader at both your entries and your exits!

Bull Market Watch

Zignaly BOTS


  • Bull Market Watch Spreadsheet
  • Advanced ALERTS
  • Two Zignaly METABOTS
  • Instant ALERT Notifications
  • Daily eMail Brief
  • Export Trade Planning CSV’s

Get Alerts BEFORE The Entry Signal!

Our Active Crypto Signals provide our traders with more insight, sooner.

  • Access the color coded Bull Market Watch for a birds eye view.
  • Save hours of work with our specific trade spreadsheets.
  • Stay current with our Instant Telegram and Discord Notifications.

Education And ALERTS
Like Hand-in-Glove

Three Books Included!

Blind alerts without a solid trading plan are not much better than gambling. We provide education to complement the Alerts Service.

Start with a clear trading plan that you can learn, and we help you practice over time.

Trade Research You Can USE!

Your Data, Your Way

Suggested Entry, Profit Levels and Stop Loss points are provided, along with screenshots!

Easily EXPORT all trade data for additional analysis in your own spreadsheets!

Save time in your daily trading preparations!

Export complete data sets of the ALERT and HOLD status coins.

LESS Than The Cost
Of ONE Missed Opportunity!!

Take Advantage of our clear focus and step-by-step education materials for new and advanced traders.

  1. We draw near real-time data from Binance, Poloniex and Coinmarketcap APIs, and enhance with our specific trade entries, profit targets and stop levels.
  2. Access live spreadsheets, where you can sort and export enhanced PRO ALERT coin data.
  3. Automated notifications to private discord and telegram groups.
  4. Daily Executive Summary PDF of all ALERT and HOLD status coins!
  5. Bonus Training modules, fresh market perspective videos regularly!
  6. Deeper community connection with status and access to active, organized, private channels!

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