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Entry Price
Trade Type
Open % Profit
BAT/BTC0.000019811-2-3 4hr38.01
IOTA/BTC0.000027771-2-3 on 4 hr22.61
KNC/BTC0.000017411-2-3 bottom on 4 hr bar32.57
LEND/BTC0.000000531-2-3 4hr52.83
LINK/BTC0.000188871-2-3 4hr56.21
NXS/BTC0.000024371-2-3 bottom 4 hour bars30.94
VIB/BTC0.000002111-2-3 4hr bar36.02
VIBE/BTC0.000001911-2-3 4hr23.04
WPR/BTC0.000000741-2-3 bottom on 4 hr bars28.38

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Blind alerts without a solid trading plan are not much better than gambling. We provide education to complement the Alerts Service.

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