Bitmex 10x Coaching


In this unique 30-day coaching program is intended
for accounts greater than $50,000
If you are trading with about 5 BTC,
you’ll know if this is for you.

This training is premium. Bitmex 10x trading is higher risk,
yet when managed correctly, leveraged trading can be a great way for small accounts to grow up rapidly,
or for big ones to achieve significant objectives.

My Guarantee

I will live trade a Bitmex account with 10x leverage trades for the month and double that account, if that account does not get doubled you have the option to take your coaching fees back, or the next month coaching for free!

What You Can Expect

This is a limited edition 30-day training program that comes with the complete trading plan and risk control rules – and 30 days of moment-to-moment trades with continual video clips to explain each Stage of the Trade.

Follow along each day and see exactly how the signals unfold and how clear and followable each step is. Ask questions directly in the secret Bitmex10x Coaching Channels.

The 30-day challenge is focused on 10x leverage trading on bitmex
and features intra-day technical analysis for the entire month,
covering 7 major markets on bitmex.

We start our portfolio from scratch and then begin to implement the trading plan and explain every step along the way! Entries, risk control rules and exits as we follow from day-to-day on each of these markets.

This is why we cannot permit any late entries.

This intensive coaching program includes a special series of videos on the technical analysis indicators that we feature with our trading patterns.

While I can’t promise your gains (nobody could), I give my ‘money back if I fail’ promise. You could 3x your account, and if my account is not doubled, you can request your entire membership refunded and keep all the training materials!

My goal is to make this FOLLOWABLE. EASY. SIMPLE. And most of all, MEASURABLE.

I make screenshots and videos, and I’m there with you every step of the way…
to make sure everybody is on the same page.

You absolutely positively must join before Monday
if you wish to participate.

After Monday, this sign up page will be focused on the July Challenge.

There won’t be late applications for the June Challenge after Monday
because you are unable to follow the program properly.
We start together, we win together.

Registration Closed for June

After you register, you will be provided with a unique Bitcoin address for one of the ten printed paper bitcoin wallets we have prepared for this challenge.

Should I fail the challenge, you will receive the private key and have seven days to sweep the wallet and reclaim your fees!

With our limited group size, each registrant receives personal attention and option to ask ALL the questions you want.