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The Great Bitcoin Parabola of 2019 (NOT a Bubble) | June 12 2019

Today’s Bitcoin technical analysis uncovers a coherent bullish bias in the RSI, OBV, MACD and Ichimoku Cloud indicators. Our cautious optimism for continued strength is now becoming enthusiastic.
Join us daily as we check Bitcoin Dominance trends, and review overall market cap of Bitcoin and the top altcoins.

Our Bitcoin Price Prediction for June 2019 has more anticipation of the parabolic climb of the entire cryptocurrency sphere. While the Altcoin Bull Run has not yet been confirmed, it is getting to appear more likely.

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  1. Bitcoin RSI Chart 0:54 | OBV Chart 2:01 | MACD Chart 3:02 | Ichimoku Cloud 3:28 | Bitcoin Dominance Review 6:15

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  3. Great video. The red and green represents 50 and 200 moving average?

    1. I use 60 period and 20 period Exponential Moving Average Cross along with the chart formations and indicators

  4. love your work , especially about the bigger picture swings between alts and btc

    1. be sure to check out the IntroToCryptos Channel for more focus on the ALTS

  5. Agree with you about volume. I don't know if it's fake or not, but volume and the chart is the only thing I can base my decisions on. It is sort of a self-fullfilling prophecy. Big traders look at the same (fake?) volume and they too make their decisions off it… But NOW it becomes real volume because they move the market.
    Maybe who ever is painting the charts is fake – but it does not matter in the end.

    1. all that volume conversation is not going to slow down this amazing move coming. We have all talked about 1 million dollar bitcoin, but what will that chart look like? First we have a parabolic increase, then we reach an inflection point, and prices will go straight up an order of magnitude. Market cap will more than double… and the next weekly candle will open, the world stunned and everyone scrambling to say they predicted it.

  6. So next week you can’t say it’s going to crash

    1. @Bitcoin Trading they are great, thanks!

  7. Doug:
    Bitcoin is headed to 20K very soon. The world is about to witness the biggest market Rally ever. We talked about it back in thanksgiving time that the rally will start after Xmast.
    Bitcoin is not anymore for the average person. The average american earns 35-$40K a year. 8k, which is the current price of bitcoin is more than 20% of that.

    1. I agree. prices are about to go up an order of magnitude. That is, over $80,000 USD – we are reaching an inflection point, which is considerably different than a parabola… it is the 'straight up' part at the top end of the parabola… and it will have an inverse parabola at the top… just like the pH curve of the acidity change of buffered solution in high school titration experiments. (see Discord)

  8. Absolutely fantastic as always iam glad You are back on the other channel as well.

    1. I appreciate your notes and encouragement! And I can't wait to hear your happy success stories!!

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