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Live Bitcoin Technical Analysis HAMMER REVERSAL? or Bull Trap? | Aug 16 2019

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    1. it may, but first it's got to build some structure above 11k to get me full bull – this seems a sort term counter trend, and more mega dump is incoming… remember the institutions are playing now and they want the real bitcoin on a cold storage wallet… not just a position… so they will Hammer us little traders down to capitulate. My conspiracy theory… 😉

    1. thanks for the note! great to have you along

  1. To the moon men bakkt 23 sep coms to the party

    1. I have a conspiracy theory about that – and waiting for the mega dump… maybe just after BAKKT starts up.

  2. Bitcoin is going sideways. No trend. Why even look at this crap. Altcoins are starting to be interesting again

    1. I agree, the alts are setting up again. perhaps, finally, we'll get something longer than an 8 week pop

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