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Bitcoin Target 10k? Technical Analysis with RSI, OBV, MACD and Ichimoku | Aug 11 2019

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  1. It seems that the only real advance warnings are the RSI divergences, however slights at time they may be.

    1. @Bitcoin Trading i am macd daily fan

  2. The log ins on the side screen is quite distractive. Perhaps better as it was before.

  3. we prefer TELEGRAM please!…., much better app!—discord is not practical

  4. at the left side we cant see the full chart+infos, cos there is the live chat,…maybe next time put this away?….

  5. you are very honest, thats the big quality

  6. Hey I’m getting distracted by moving text at bottom and on the left. I keep on looking bottom at the news while you’re talking. Can we go back to the original setup? Thanks

  7. Also can we keep the videos shorter to 10 minutes standard or max 15 minutes. 25 min is too long to watch on a daily basis.

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