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Bitcoin Takes Aim At 12,300 on its way to 80k | June 14 2019

Today’s Bitcoin technical analysis uncovers a stronger coherent bullish bias in the RSI, OBV, MACD and Ichimoku Cloud indicators. Our optimism for continued strength is now full on enthusiastic for Bitcoin price. As we check Bitcoin Dominance trends, it may be that altcoins will be out performed by bitcoin.

Our Bitcoin Price Prediction for June 2019 has more anticipation of the parabolic climb of the entire cryptocurrency sphere. The Altcoin Bull Run has not yet been confirmed, and with increasing bitcoin dominance, the general cryptocurrency market is under close review.

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  1. Great to have insights for someone who has been in the crypto market and trading since at least 2015. Titration example a bit like the phenomena of emergence in biological systems.

  2. ironically i am surprised you just joined the moon train ignoring all the bearish indicators . so you're saying 2 bubbles within 2 years with no consolidation? unsubscribed .

    1. hahaha. I love comedy in the morning!

  3. RSI Review 0:40 | Fibonacci Prediction 1:02 | OBV Review 1:19 | MACD Review 1:50 | Ichimoku 2:02 | Dominance Review 4:06 | Conspiracy Theory 4:48

  4. Great video End it seems like you got a little bit more pep in your step now it helps the video not to be so boring. Great job man

    1. hahaha – thanks for the note! I appreciate your feedback! One important part, the reason for doing these streams, has been left out, and without that, the daily grind can be boring! I'll talk more about that in upcoming streams! 😉

  5. Man I just dont know. Yea at some point. But not anytime soon I don't think. The world not interested in a cashless society. They may think they are when many more become rich. But this crypto thing is going to ruin the world. You think the we have inequality problems now? Just wait until someone takes a gun to your head for your btc because their nothing else of money around. Robbing you will be alot easier then robbing banks.. soon then after the world will be divided into many heavily guarded cities where the super rich live and everyone else in total poverty with absolutely nothing..yep. this bitcoin trend was invented by the ruling elite to further take the world into total destruction of the masses..

    1. Never thought of it that way 🤷‍♂️

  6. sounds very realistic, thanks for this post !

    1. it will go to 80k and more, the question is when

  7. Personally I am thinking 11,500 then a scam wick to 8400 to establish a higher support. Then a flat bottom at 9600. During this time, alts will go completely nuts. Then, from 9600 we make the next leg up in July.

  8. very impressive, very believable, gotta study more this parabolic curve, could it be soon and how soon ? a dream many of us will see realized 🙂

  9. Doug Im happy you finally made the call: I have been watching you since September 2018 when you first started the “bottom formation”. I started watching since Episode 1.
    Your insight is incredible. I do disagree with your calls sometimes for valid reasons. Like when you said we could be making new lows. But you pretty much 80-90% see whta others dont see. Keep up the good work.
    People have actually predicted 100k btc when btc was 200 with the trololo trendline. I did a lot of research through bitcointalk.com
    The acid/base titration you are talking about is a great explanation as I do titration a lot.

  10. Be there to claim that bitcoin square

  11. I would love an 80k bitcoin.. I can't grasp parabolic movement again with bitcoin. I think I'd puke! But it's inevitable most likely

  12. great video 🙂 I subscribed!

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