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The Bitcoin Liquidation Watch Livestream

The Bitcoin Liquidation Watch has become a popular livestream on YouTube because it combines several website data sources into an entertaining, community based bitcoin information source.

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Bitcoin Liquidation Watch Livestream on YouTube

How Does The Bitcoin Liquidation Watch Work?

The main attraction for me are the significant trades that are gathered from top crypto trading exchanges (Binance, Bitmex) and displayed along the right hand side of the 10 second-bar price chart.

Different chime sounds for buy signals and sell signals, and louder chimes sound for larger trades.

Bitcoin Liquidation Data: The significant sized liquidations go by with the other orders, then collect as the five most recent liquidations along the bottom right.

Stream Updates

Jan 6

A: Liquidations

B: Funding Rates from BitMEX

C: 5 minute Longs:Shorts Ratio for BitMEX and Bybit from CoinGlass

D: Fear And Greed Index

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How The Bitcoin Liquidation Watch Livestream Works:

Visit YouTube to find the
current running Livestream.

We are always looking for ways to improve the stream. If you know of other Bitcoin Data that we might include in the livestream, let us know on our Discord group!

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