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You Are A Crypto Trading Addict?

If you wonder if you addicted to crypto trading, you are not alone – and there are solutions. The elements of addiction and gambling are a consistent risk that traders must always be on the guard against.

Signs Of Crypto Trading Addiction:

If you are feeling muscle tension, a slight background anxiety, if you are checking bitcoin and altcoin prices several times through the day… if you are thinking about your trading while engaged in other activities – you could be edging into the dangerous area of trading outside of your trading plan.

The emotions you feel while you are trading are much more important than many acknowledge. The negative emotions created by gambling and addiction-style compulsive need to watch all the prices – can begin to affect all of the relationships in your life.

What is the reason to trade cryptos?

For financial freedom – for time freedom. To have my money work for me, rather than me working for money. If you are trading in such a way that it takes away from the reason you are trading in the first place, then you are likely feeling stress.

What is the solution?

Changing your thinking. Review your long term goals in all aspects of your life and find a way to participate in crypto trading that opens more space the joy and success in your life. This may require smaller trade positions. Eliminate margin trading or leveraged trading. Automate your trading strategy so you catch opportunities without compulsive monitoring.

Re-focus and diversify your time onto many aspects of crypto trading and investing such as lending, trading bots, yield farming and other means of passive earning in crypto.

Perhaps the most important, and easiest change to make is to ensure that it easy to track your trading from day to day.

Overcoming Crypto Trading Addiction

When you feel relief – you are on the right track.

When you are spending less time managing your trading – you are on the right track. As you joyfully participate in other activities, and never think about your alts – you are on the right track.

There is a time to work hard and put the hours into studying everything you can learn about cryptos – and then it’s time to take a position… and stop thinking about it.

If you are feeling addicted To Crypto Trading, you are not alone. It is important to know that others have overcome this vicious loop and returned to a happier way to approach financial growth and success.

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