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What is The ‘Bull Market Watch’?

The Bull Market Watch is a LiveStream Series on YouTube that is tracking and charting the Bullish/Bearish Index of the entire cryptocurrency sphere.

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The ‘Bull Market Watch’ Spreadsheet

We’ve created a spreadsheet that tracks a daily survey of the 50+ cryptocurrencies traded on Poloniex, and compares each market against the criteria for a powerful and proven trend reversal trading plan.

The Crypto Moon Matrix

With simple color coding, we rate each market against our trading plan, and total the number of markets with bearish or bullish bias.

By tracking the same markets against the same trading plan daily, we can plot the change of the entire cryptocurrency market as a whole as it moves from the current bearish trend and makes the transition through the bottom and fully to a confirmed bull market.

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With cryptocurrency taking over the storm like fire, there are a lot of “gurus” out there promoting their coins or wanting you to get into their courses and program, which provide little to no value. I have to say I been following Doug for over 1 year now, and he is genuinely one of the most value providing people out there. His free videos alone have helped me so much and the fact that he makes them simple and easy to follow is super helpful. With the book, it will take your level up and just applying 1 of his strategies will surely help you profit in cryptos. – Connor Cranston